How To Look Younger For The Holidays

Do you have company coming over, or are you visiting family and friends for Christmas ? Are you planning to go out on New Year's Eve? Whatever the reason, most people want to look their best, at least during the most momentous times of the year. So, what methods are out there to make you look more beautiful as fast as possible?

Well, it's possible to lose some weight, but that's not easy, especially if you have lots of pounds to get rid of. And, can you lose it all within one month? You might also be able to go to a costly Spa and get a total makeover. Good idea, but, that might cost a thousand or more. What about just going shopping and buying some high end shoes and clothes to make you look better? Another reasonable idea, but that might set you back extra expenses.

If you’re between the ages of thirty five and ninety five, you might want to try making your friendly face more youthful looking. A premium anti wrinkle and anti aging skin care cream, or lotion, is often referred to as a face lift in a jar and can do wonders for your looks and often has superior effects within thirty days. And the best skin care products of this type are usually cost less than a hundred dollars. Truly, the excellent way to quickly change yourself into how you may have looked years ago.

So why do people get wrinkles and other skin problems? There are thousands of reasons, but to summarize, sun exposure, smoking, and your age contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the fibers that keep your skin firm and supple. Try and buy a product that contains some or all of the following:

# Alpha, beta and poly-hydroxide acids, which gently take away surface layers of skin to remove fine lines.

# Argireline - is derived from amino acids that occur naturally. It works by relaxing facial tension because it reduces excessive release of the neurotransmitters, called catecholamines, that make your facial muscles tense up. When your muscles aren't tense, they don't contribute to wrinkles. Argireline also helps to fight "eye wrinkles".

# Edelweiss Extract - isn't just something found in a song from The Sound of Music. Edelweiss Extract is a forceful antioxidant that cleans up the free radicals produced by metabolism and by pollutants as well. These free radicals voraciously unite with almost anything, including the elements of your skin, causing serious damage. In addition to being an antioxidant, Edelweiss Extract helps protect skin by blocking ultraviolet light.

# Shea Butter - is derived from the nut of the karite tree of West Africa, where it is commonly used in soap. Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer and skin tightener. It contains cinnamic acid, which helps protect your skin against ultraviolet light. It also includes natural latex, which has hypoallergenic qualities. The fatty acids in Shea Butter, along with the other ingredients, promote healing and regeneration of the skin, and work to prevent the skin from drying, cracking, burning and wrinkling.

Also, there are other fine ingredients like Vitamin A, Matrixyl, Dermox, Evening Primrose Oil, and more, that help in bringing back that beaming looking appearance to your skin. Get all positive effects with the help of the leading products on the market and you'll get an amazing results. Many people claim they look ten or more years younger after using this type of skin care product for four to six weeks. However, like anything else, results may vary. You have to try it out for yourself. A new you could be waiting right around the corner. Happy holidays!

Men Start to Treat Skin with Anti-aging Products

Men Start to Treat Skin with Anti-aging ProductsWhen we think of anti-aging products, we normally think of woman. But lately a trend is up-and-coming worthy of note - guys are starting to recognize that the way they treat their skin in their twenties and thirties will drastically impact how they look in their forties, fifties and sixties.

Now more than ever, men understand that the benefits of looking young, be they amorous or professional, do not end when you turn forty. Just as it makes sense to handle fitness and heart health - guys are starting to understand that unless they act to protect their skin, they may end up covered with wrinkles, discoloration and bags under their eyes, and sooner than they think.

The problem is that apart from women, when it comes to skin care, men generally do not do what it takes unless it is extremely easy and it works. Men's skin is much more difficult to maintain than women's. It is thicker, oilier, and persistently subjected to the trauma of shaving. Also, daily exposure to sunlight and pollution actually causes the skin to age faster.

Luckily anti-aging technology has finally reached a point where it can not only assist to protect against future wrinkles and age spots, but, in fact it can moderately undo the visible effects of aging that have already occurred. In addition, new products are now simpler than ever. So, unlike what women have go through, guys can now easily get their daily dose of skin care and anti-aging.

Acne Skin Care Treatment

Acne Skin Care TreatmentOne of the main foods being found to cause acne is fatty foods, that cause inflamed, cystic acne. You must avoid fatty foods in order to prevent acne and clear up existing acne. Other antiacne dietary guidelines should be followed, but by simply avoiding fatty foods you can make a big difference in reducing your acne in the next few days.

Home acne remedies: Wash the face thoroughly with a non-oily Faced Wash twice a day. After wiping off the water from the face apply tea-tree oil on the face. This can reduce the acne chances. Don’t apply any oily or chemical cosmetics on the face. Apart from this basic acne remedy, you can also use natural cleansers for better results.

Some helpful remedies that may help reduce the prominence of the scars include the application of fresh mint juice over the face every night. This will help in the treatment of many types of scars including those attained by way of insect stings and eczema. You should also try to regularly exfoliate of your skin by massaging the affected areas with a piece of lemon. In addition to getting rid of any dead skin cell layers, the lemon will also act as a natural bleaching agent that will reduce the prominence of any existing scars. You could also try mixing 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder and regularly apply it over the affected areas. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as this will help provide your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins to help it heal any future scars more efficiently.

Some more acne treatment advices. Don’t smoke! If you are a smoker, please, quit smoking for good. It damages the overall skin as well as your health. Do not use oil-based sunscreen as it will worsen your oil skin problem and can potentially lead to acne problems. There is a direct link between stress and acne so try to reduce stress if possible. Use yoga or other forms of exercises to relax your mind. Do not touch your pimples; this could lead to inflammation and infection. Worse still, it could also push the infected materials deep into the skin and create more swelling. Finally, this might even cause permanent scarring.