Fighting with Age Spots? Solution can be found in your kitchen!

Age Spots SolutionSun exposure and free-radical damage can lead to flat brown spots on your hands, face, and body. While age spots are harmless, most people consider them an unwelcome sign of aging. The following spot treatment can reduce the appearance of age spots:

Mix together 1 teaspoon grated horseradish root, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, and 3 drops rosemary essential oil. This mixture will exfoliate the top layer of your skin. Dab it onto your age spots with a cotton swab once or twice a day.

If you have sensitive skin, use this treatment less often, as these ingredients are mildly irritating. Stop once your spots have lightened noticeably. See a dermatologist if your spots grow in size or change shape.

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Skin Care ProductsNatural skin products have taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Made from common natural components like herbs, honey, sandalwood, vegetables, and fruits, these products are easy to use and highly effective. From acne to age spots, wrinkles to pimples, these products offer solutions for all skin problems, while supplying the skin with their natural ingredients.

Available under various brand names, natural skin care products are extensively sold online as well. So, are natural skin care products the answer to all skin problems? What if a natural skin care product is not available for the treatment of a particular skin disorder? Are the synthetic skin care products so harmful that they should be banned?

The reality is that due to presence of synthetic preservatives, it’s really tough to find a natural skin care product that is 100% natural. There are natural skin care products that have natural preservatives, but their cost might be detrimental. Moreover, such natural skin products have a shorter shelf life and hence are not preferred by the manufacturers of natural skin care products.

Some people carry a wrong notion that since natural skin care products are natural, they cannot cause any harm to the skin. But an unsuitable natural skin care product can harm you in almost the same way as a synthetic one. So, use natural skin care products, but be open to synthetic ones too. Try to use them when a natural solution is hard to find.

Apart from the products available in the markets, you can also make natural skin care products by yourself, by using the recipes that are readily available on the internet and in the books at book stores and using as ingredients honey, sandalwood, tomatoes, bananas and other fruits and vegetables. The regular usage of these products ensures a blemish-free, radiant skin which looks young and fresh. Some essential oils, herbal oils, are useful too and are known for their moisturising and antiseptic properties.

Dermatologists also encourage the use of natural products for skin care, as skin is extremely sensitive and even minor carelessness can cause a permanent scar or allergy. Natural skin care products also have medicinal benefits, along with the rejuvenation of the skin. The regular use of these products cleanses the skin, thus reducing the chances of pimples, blackheads and other problems.

Using a natural skin care products does not mean that you can forget fundamental skin care recommendations, including: healthy eating habits, regular exercise, drinking a lot of water everyday, and cleanliness. These recommendations and regular use of natural skin care products can be the key to a better, healthier, and more beautiful skin.

Foods for Beautiful Skin

Foods for Beautiful SkinYour skin, especially the skin on your face, is probably one of the last things you want looking terrible with pimple scars, acne and an oily appearance. And you should know that food affects the health of skin dramatically. Diet is one of the most common causes of skin problems, if you want a healthy skin, it is important for you to have a healthy diet - a diet that contains adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Berries such as cranberries and blueberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants that destroy free radicals, which destroy tissue and reinforce the cells that make up blood vessel walls, increasing blood circulation and giving you those beautiful rosy cheeks. Bright colors on vegetables and fruits signify richness in antioxidants, so eat more of these as well. They include plums, apricots, strawberries, spinach, broccoli and other leafy vegetables.

Chicken, fish and other seafood are also great foods that will benefit the skin. These are good sources of high-quality, low fat protein which helps make your skin more elastic and toned. An additional advantage of eating these is stronger, shinier hair.

Vitamin E helps in the conversion of calories into energy, which is used for cellular metabolism, which keeps the skin moist and smooth. Vitamin E rich foods will help to prevent dry skin and helps in the repair and reduction of scars and stretch marks. These foods include hazelnuts, almonds, broccoli, spinach, mango, kiwi, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

In addition to food, good old water is the one of major ingredients for beautiful, radiant looking skin. We’ve all heard of its powers before, but it can’t be said enough! Water keeps our skin hydrated and flushes out toxins, leaving the skin fresh and blemish free.

The skin is the organ that determines most of our appearance and how good we look, so taking care of it to make sure it is always at its perfect condition is vital for a great image. Eat the right things and you will look vibrant and beautiful.

Drink More Water to Get Healthy Skin

Drink More Water to Get Healthy SkinMaybe you've heard how important is water for your health, figure and well-being many times, but everything your body does it does better with a healthy supply of water, because every system in your body depends on water. Maybe if water was more expensive, people would pay more attention to drink enough of it on a daily basis, instead most of us prefer coffee, lots of soda, and alcohol, not to mention fruit juices and teas and milk and a bunch of other beverages.

You should know that water is one of the best tools for weight loss, because it replaces high-calorie drinks like soda, juice, and alcohol with a drink that doesn't have any calories. Water is a great appetite suppressant, and often when we think we're hungry, we are actually just thirsty. By flushing out toxins and impurities, water can make your skin clearer, smoother and younger looking.

Drinking water moisturizes your skin from the inside out and clear up your skin. People often report a healthy glow after drinking water. It will not happen overnight, of course, but just a week of drinking a healthy amount of water can have good effects on your skin. Water is important to keep you skin smooth and delicate. Water is the single most important element for cellular integrity. Nothing will improve the appearance of your skin better than drinking enough water.

To make sure that you are getting enough water everyday, use simple tips below:

- Carry water with you everywhere you go in a bottle. Try getting a cool water bottle that you enjoy having around; it makes drinking water more fun.

- Keep a glass of water next to you whenever you'll be sitting down for a long time, such as when you are at your desk at work. Drink from it regularly as you are working.

- Add lemons or limes to your water, it makes it taste better and makes you want to drink more of it. Also, you can add some mint leaves to a pitcher of water, which should be allowed to sit overnight.

- Try drinking cold water out of a glass instead of a plastic or paper cup. The glass will retain the cold better than other materials and will keep your water crisp and fresh-tasting longer. If you don't like the taste of cold water, try hot water. It's a different taste and it feels good on your throat.

It’s a pity people spend so much money on different commercial products, while ignoring the cheapest and most effective one - water. Sufficient water intake prevents dehydration, cleans out the body, and promotes healing processes. Body is 90 percent water and needs it for digestion, healthy skin, blood circulation, temperature control and lots of other reasons. Drink your water! Have beautiful skin and stay healthy!

by the courtesy of Beautiful Skin Blog