Cold Winter Skin Care

Cold Winter Skin CareWinter often spells tragedy for your skin. It looks rough and chapped, feels tight and drawn. The winter is the season when our skin actually needs the most extra care. To help your skin to survive the brutality of the season, keep in mind the following simple winter skin care tips:

- Do not take excessive long and hot showers as this will deplete the natural skin moisturizer.

- Pamper you skin with a little coconut oil before bath to heal dryness and chaps.

- Add a few drops of oil to the water that you are using to bath. Shorten your bath time.

- Use a mild cleanser as opposed to soap, which can strip your skin of the essential oils it needs.

- Use SPF sunscreen 15 or better on face, neck and all visible parts of body.

- Continue to drink lots of water to provide the necessary hydration to your skin.

- Avoid products with high alcohol content, heavy perfumes or other additives.

- Use cosmetics and moisturizers that contain jojoba oil instead of petroleum-based products.

- Apply some good cold cream on your face before going to bed. Take proper sleep.

- Use a soothing lip balm or moisturizing lipstick, preferably with a sunscreen.

- A proper nutritious intake helps in rejuvenating the skin from within.

- Primrose syrup and olive oil in your diet also aids in softening your skin.

- A glass of hot water with lemon will help you eliminate toxins responsible for bad skin

By taking a few common sense winter skin care precautions, you can be as happy and beautiful in the winter as you are during the summer.

The best time to fight wrinkles is before you see them

The best time to fight wrinkles is before you see themNo amount of beauty products or visits to the dermatologist can replace the overall benefit of a healthy diet, regular exercise, limited sun exposure and regular use of moisturizer. However, even with the best of intentions and a well-executed plan, time does begin to catch up with us. Here are three ways modern science can help to keep you looking young.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials don’t come cheap, but many in Hollywood swear by the results – Jennifer Aniston and Madonna to name only two. The idea behind the treatment is that by replacing the oxygen that your skin cells are lacking (environment and age both play a factor in limiting the amount of oxygen that actually gets to the skin). Proponents of the treatment claim that their skin is rejuvenated, their circulation is improved and their skin is left hydrated, exfoliated and luminous.

Botox Injections

Botox gets a lot of press because, when done properly it can yield fantastic results. If you are interested in getting Botox injections, first find a reputable doctor – preferably one whose work you’ve seen. Poll your friends and acquaintances. Gone is the stigma attached to Botox. Almost everyone has tried it and most will tell you how it went. Although primarily a treatment for existing wrinkles, some research points to the possibility that Botox may actually delay the onset of wrinkles.

Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation

Sometimes called an epifacial, this treatment is a combination of light therapy and skin resurfacing that can result in some fantastic results. Women who have gone through these treatments have reported that acne has cleared up, fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared, pigmentation has vanished and large pores appear smaller. The treatment is short (only 15-20 minutes in most cases) and does result in some discomfort, likened by some to the feeling of mild sunburn. Of course, results like these do not come cheap, but most who offer the treatment also offer financing options as well.

Acne Prevention

Acne PreventionReal acne prevention begins when skin is clear. From common sense to surprising do-it-yourself remedies, here are a few prevention tips to help keep your skin clean and blemish free. Be sure to test each suggestion along the jaw line if you have sensitive skin.

Wash your face. Of course! Gently washing your face removes oil from the surface of your skin, but does not remove oil from clogged skin pores. Dust and other pollutants block the pores of the skin and leads to acne. So, proper cleaning of the face is very important. Gently wash your face twice a day with lukewarm (not hot which irritates acne) water and a mild soap or cleanser. Deodorant soaps will not kill the bacteria that cause acne. Use water-based skincare products that gently clean your skin. Avoid products such as milky cleansers, cold creams, Do not scrub your face. Use gentle, circling motions instead. Washing your face more often than twice a day may irritate and dry your skin. After cleansing, always rinse completely and pat skin to dry.

While deodorant soaps do not kill acne bacteria, tea tree oil does. You`ll find tea tree oil in gels, creams, and oils. Other products that may help your overall skin condition include skin pore-cleaning strips. When you peel these sticky strips off your skin, dirt and/or makeup is removed by the strip. You`ll have better results if you follow the directions for use. If you use a product too often, acne can get worse.

While diet is not the root cause of acne, a healthy diet can help maintain clear skin and prevent breakouts. Eat high fiber rich food and low fat diet. Some vitamins also decrease your chances of acne. Consult with your doctor to see what he suggests. Use a cleansing diet to get rid of the toxins in your system and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Water is important for the good health of your skin. Some experts feel that cutting down on sugar, flour and caffeine is also an effective way to prevent acne.

Don’t use greasy lotions and cosmetics as they contain oils that can promote acne. Choose cosmetics that fit into a good skin rejuvenation regime to prevent adult acne. To accomplish this remember to cleanse skin thoroughly but gently. Tone skin with an antioxidant or vitamin A ingredient to remove any remaining oils or dirt from the surface of the skin. Exfoliate dead skin cells with an AHA, glycolic acid of 8% to 15% or BHA, salicylic acid of 1% to 2% along with a weekly microdermabrasion scrub. Keep your skin well hydrated with rich moisturizer containing an antioxidant such as vitamin C as well as a vitamin A ingredient. Spot treat any emerging blemishes with an over-the-counter acne treatment suited to your skin type and kind of blemish. Steam your skin twice a week with a facial steamer or over warm water in the sink to open the pores for an extra deep cleansing. Use sunscreen each morning and re-apply throughout the day as necessary.

It will only take a few weeks for you to not only notice that your acne outbreaks have diminished significantly but that your overall skin tone has improved. Over time you will find that prevention is truly the best acne medicine.

Skin Reflects How We Are Feeling

Skin Reflects How We Are FeelingOur skin is the largest organ of our body (around two square meters) and it announces to everyone how we are:

- If we slept late, we have the eyebags to prove it.

- If we lack water or exercise, our skin is dull.

- If we've had a good day or eat healthy, we glow.

Let's have more of those glowing moments! Here are the Four S's to avoid if you want to stay clear of pimples and wrinkles:

- Smoking. There are thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and these toxins starve the skin of oxygen. A good supply of oxygen keeps the skin supple, so stay away from smoking.

- Stress. Worry leads to stress. It is easy to advice others to stop worrying but do you follow your own advice? If you feel stress creeping up inside you, go for a walk or do some exercise. It really helps! Maybe even go on vacation! No time? Then relax in a bath.

- Sugar. Sugar may taste heavenly but will leave the skin looking like hell if you're not careful. Too much sugar leads to glycation or to be more descriptive, gives your skin that leathery look and feel.

- Sun. I'm talking here of too much sun. Enough sunlight is very helpful because our bodies absorb the much needed vitamin D. Too much sun is harmful and will wrinkle the skin in due time.

Celebrity Skin Care Products

If celebrities know one thing, it is how to stay beautiful. Just imagine the pressure they must be under to always look their best. In the case of the A-list actors and actresses, they can barely leave their homes without being photographed. Those photos end up on the covers of every magazine in every supermarket checkout in America. Poor Britney…

In recent times, a number of celebrities have launched their own skin care and cosmetic lines. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Why not capitalize on the fame they have established in their respective careers? Smart celebrities have taken the endorsement scenario to another level entirely. Instead of endorsing existing products, many of them have simply launched their own lines.

Cindy Crawford is one such example. After a highly successful modeling career, Cindy dropped out of the modeling scene to settle down and start a family. A few years later, Cindy decided to capitalize on her name by launching a line of specialized skin care formulas. She partnered with the famous French cosmetic surgeon, Jean-Louis Sebagh, to create Meaningful Beauty. They offer a wide range of skin care products designed to reduce free radicals and stimulate the growth of collagen, both of which are necessary to fight the effects of aging. Well done, Cindy!

Fresh-faced freshmen, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, are everywhere these days. These girls have been in the entertainment industry since they were just a few months old, and they have build up a veritable cosmetic and fashion empire in recent years. These girls are highly influential with the "tween" crowd. They have a wonderfully fun line of cosmetics for young girls, that includes metallic mascara and sparkle applications that are crayon-like in their appearance. Smart kids, indeed!

Jessica Simpson has also started her own line of skin care products. After her recent television and movie endeavors, there is no doubt that she should be exploring her career options. Her line of skin care products is called Dessert Beauty, and is produced in conjunction with a fellow named Randi Shinder. This line is more focused on lotions and lip balms with scents like strawberry and vanilla bean. It's good to see that Jessica has plan B in effect!

Important Steps When Fighting Acne

Important Steps When Fighting AcneAcne. The word strikes fear in heart of anyone who has had to deal with it. And the unfortunate reality is that it isn't just an affliction that affects teenagers, many people suffer from acne well into adulthood. And who hasn't heard the outrageous claims that are made by so many producers of acne treatment.

The problem is that each person is different, so there isn't one blanket treatment. People are willing to spend their hard earned money looking for the perfect solution to their acne problem.

If you are suffering from severe acne the best option may be to go and see a dermatologist. Acne is considered severe when it is covering a good majority of the face. If this sounds like you, your dermatologist should be able to prescribe medication to help with your acne. If you do not do anything to combat this you could end up with scarring. For the rest of us, dealing with acne is not quite so urgent, but something that we would like cleared up nonetheless.

Finding a good cleanser is one of the most important things we can do to help combat acne. Almost every skin care and cosmetic company has a line of products that is purported to clear up acne and reduce or eliminate the number of blemishes we get. And some of these products can be extremely expensive.

The truth is some of these miracle treatments can actually make your acne worse. In reality, some of the best cleansers for acne are relatively inexpensive and can be found in your local drugstore. The best ones are gentle and non-foaming.

Drinking a lot of water can get clear complexion. The nourishing properties of water help acne. The large intake of water helps us in taking out the toxins from our body. It is felt that taking seven to twelve glasses of water in a day would be adequate, though it varies from person to person. One must not drink too much of water as it will reduce the number of electrolytes in your body.

One of the good methods to fight acne and blemishes is facials, though it costs a lot of money. Generally pimples and whiteheads erupt suddenly from tiny simple blackheads on the face. To avoid any damage to the delicate skin of the face one must not attempt to extract them oneself. The process of extraction during deep pore facials removes these blackheads completely.

While facials can be extremely expensive (upwards of $100), you only need one every one to two months and you will typically see a massive improvement in your skin's condition. Your aesthetician can recommend products to help you keep breakouts at bay in between your facials.

Most people have had to deal with acne at some time. Since it's been around for so long there are a lot of solutions available. To find which is right for you may take time and a few failed attempts, but stick with it. You will eventually find a product that won't bankrupt you.

If you feel that you have tried just about everything and you are not seeing an improvement in your acne, do not hesitate to contact a dermatologist. There are many medications that they can prescribe if they see fit, which you cannot get over the counter.