Skin Reflects How We Are Feeling

Skin Reflects How We Are FeelingOur skin is the largest organ of our body (around two square meters) and it announces to everyone how we are:

- If we slept late, we have the eyebags to prove it.

- If we lack water or exercise, our skin is dull.

- If we've had a good day or eat healthy, we glow.

Let's have more of those glowing moments! Here are the Four S's to avoid if you want to stay clear of pimples and wrinkles:

- Smoking. There are thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and these toxins starve the skin of oxygen. A good supply of oxygen keeps the skin supple, so stay away from smoking.

- Stress. Worry leads to stress. It is easy to advice others to stop worrying but do you follow your own advice? If you feel stress creeping up inside you, go for a walk or do some exercise. It really helps! Maybe even go on vacation! No time? Then relax in a bath.

- Sugar. Sugar may taste heavenly but will leave the skin looking like hell if you're not careful. Too much sugar leads to glycation or to be more descriptive, gives your skin that leathery look and feel.

- Sun. I'm talking here of too much sun. Enough sunlight is very helpful because our bodies absorb the much needed vitamin D. Too much sun is harmful and will wrinkle the skin in due time.

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