Cold Winter Skin Care

Cold Winter Skin CareWinter often spells tragedy for your skin. It looks rough and chapped, feels tight and drawn. The winter is the season when our skin actually needs the most extra care. To help your skin to survive the brutality of the season, keep in mind the following simple winter skin care tips:

- Do not take excessive long and hot showers as this will deplete the natural skin moisturizer.

- Pamper you skin with a little coconut oil before bath to heal dryness and chaps.

- Add a few drops of oil to the water that you are using to bath. Shorten your bath time.

- Use a mild cleanser as opposed to soap, which can strip your skin of the essential oils it needs.

- Use SPF sunscreen 15 or better on face, neck and all visible parts of body.

- Continue to drink lots of water to provide the necessary hydration to your skin.

- Avoid products with high alcohol content, heavy perfumes or other additives.

- Use cosmetics and moisturizers that contain jojoba oil instead of petroleum-based products.

- Apply some good cold cream on your face before going to bed. Take proper sleep.

- Use a soothing lip balm or moisturizing lipstick, preferably with a sunscreen.

- A proper nutritious intake helps in rejuvenating the skin from within.

- Primrose syrup and olive oil in your diet also aids in softening your skin.

- A glass of hot water with lemon will help you eliminate toxins responsible for bad skin

By taking a few common sense winter skin care precautions, you can be as happy and beautiful in the winter as you are during the summer.

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