No Easy Solutions For Rosacea

No Easy Solutions For RosaceaRosacea is known as a progressive vascular problem that affects the facial skin including the eyes and nose. People also know that this problem becomes more and more intense if time passes by. Usually appearing as a mild sunburn or windburn rosacea evolves and may lead to intense facial redness, swelling, burning sensations and in some cases to facial disfigurement. It is also known that a high number of people suffer from rosacea.

People usually wonder if rosacea is curable. The answer to their question is negative because there is no treatment available for curing rosacea. Even so there are available some treatments that control or eliminate its symptoms. Each case of rosacea is treated differently, depending on the symptoms. In general, oral and topical antibiotics, as well as other medications, are prescribed to treat the bumps or the pimples. When it is necessary, a laser treatment or a surgical procedure will help to remove the visible blood vessels or correct the disfigurement of the nose. A common type of rosacea, ocular rosacea, is treated with oral antibiotics and ophthalmic therapy.

The rosacea sufferers are also advised to avoid the environmental factors that may aggravate the problems such as sun and wind exposure or sudden temperature changes.

Seeing this answer to their first asked question people begin to wonder why rosacea is treated with antibiotics. The answer explains that rosacea is not a bacterial infection but antibiotics have a benefic effect because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Other medications may help too. Specialists believe that products containing sulfur drug or azelaic may be an alternative for the antibiotic therapy.

It is also well to know that topical therapy is preferred instead of antibiotics because of its lack of side effects. This topical therapy involves a long time treatment.

Answering to the care problem we might say that a facial care routine is recommended. It is good to see a dermatologist that may prescribe a refreshing cleansing each morning.

Another problem is laser therapy. People concern about its effects. For them it is good to say that laser therapy helps to remove or reduce the extensive redness or the bumps. It is used in helping to retard the buildup of excess tissue and reshaping the nose.

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