Simple Beautiful Skin Care Tips

Simple Beautiful Skin Care TipsTo achieve clear and smoother skin tone and texture, you must be determined to modify current unhealthy lifestyle, avoid bad eating habits and follow a healthy diet. Whether you are doing it for good, in preparation for an important occasion such as wedding, birthday or grand dinner, or even celebration of festive season, or simple for looking good and self-grooming purpose, a change in your everyday lifestyle plus using proper skin care products are vital for achieving better looking skin. Use a range of good and affordable natural based skin care products that do not contains harmful or strong ingredients.

Stay away from oily food, fried food, starchy food, sugary food, and dairy food, creamy soup, thick gravy, and spicy food, caffeinated drinks. Try to avoid or reduce use of eggs, peanuts, seafood and alcohol. These are foods, which trigger acne and pimple breakouts. Take vegetables and clear soup, without oil. Take lots of fresh fruits and fruit juices. Take many fruits especially in the morning or during night supper when you still find yourself hungry for food. Avoid snacks such as biscuits or chips. Blend fruit juices once a while when you grew tired of chewing fruits. If you prefer, go organic on your food.

Exercise daily. Try to exercise daily to sweat out toxins. It promotes blood circulation thus making skin look radiant and revitalized. Try not to touch your facial skin often. Avoid the bad habit by using fingers or hand to touch your skin especially your nose and chin area. Place your hand away from your face when answering phone calls or chit chatting. This will reduce the chances of getting an inflamed skin. Drink lots of water. Drink plenty of clean, boiled water to cleanse your body system and keep skin hydrate.

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