Smoke and Have More Acne for Free

Smoke and Have More Acne for FREEDuring our teenage years we think that smoking makes us look cool, but the sad reality is that the more we smoke, the more we put our health at risk. And if you care about your skin, it's better to stop smoking because it can also cause acne. A "non-inflammatory acne" type of acne is common among smokers. This type of acne blocks the pores and has large blackheads, but less inflamed spots.

The situation gets worse for girls, who are most affected by this type of acne, also called the "smokers acne". Be careful, because when you have this kind of acne during your teenage years, you are four times more likely to develop it when you are an adult. Also, there are large numbers other adverse effects of cigarette smoking on the skin, such as ulcerative colitis, pemphigus vulgaris and acne rosacea.

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