Top 5 Myths About Acne

Top 5 Myths About AcneIt is hard to understand the sudden, unexpected appearance of acne. The scientists and the believers are generally opposed to each other. Below is a top five list of popular acne myths.

1: Diet - It is believed that diet has a major role to play in worsening or improving the acne situation, wherein dermatologists simply refute this. As per dermatologists you can eat whatever you want to, you can take as many chocolates as you wish. But the popular belief goes heavily against this.

2: Washing - Many people believe that washing helps the cause, but the skin pores do not get blocked in the way most people think. The fact is blemishes are not formed by dirt. Collapsing of pores occurs from within and never from top down. And this is what is responsible for acne process. Excessive washing can only give negative results and cause acne condition to worsen.

3: Stress - No, it has nothing to do with your acne conditions. This is not true, your stress isn't responsible for your acne. If stress is the reason for acne when you have to pay heavy income tax annually, you should have acne, along with millions of others!

4: Sun - Some firmly believe that the warm rays of the sum will help them to lessen the suffering on account of spots and pimples. But the scientists say that exposure to the sun will damage your cause further.

5: Fate - Some advise to leave acne to its fate, saying that it will come and it will go. Acne may strike you regardless of your age, but the fact is that acne can be treated and it is irrational to leave it without treatment.


Anonymous said...

it depends on every person..but when i eat greasy foods i always get whiteheads or some kind of pimple

Anonymous said...

I Do not agree.
Whenever I eat foods such as: chocolate, greasy foods, McDonalds.....
I come out in spots.

Anonymous said...

i find that washing my face with a hot flanel at night combined with using a mild scrub every two weeks helps. I've tried lots of scrubs/facial washes for oily, blemish prone skin and found that the steam itself works pretty well at unblocking the pores. since i read somewhere that at night our faces loose the most moisture, i find moisturising at night/morning helps too. lots of sleep and fresh air is the best treatment tho!! :)